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Chicago Phone Systems

When compared to legacy phone systems, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony systems pose a number of advantages that small and mid-size businesses in the Chicago area can use to increase productivity and mitigate costs. For example, VoIP experts note that while older systems needed to be constantly repaired or upgraded, with VoIP phone systems, Chicago companies aren’t responsible for upgrading software or making sure a new feature is working properly with the system.

Due to these benefits, many industries are equipping their employees with the forward-thinking technology. For example, a 2011 survey found more than 60 percent of hospitals now use VoIP phone systems to allow doctors and nurses easy access to healthcare data they can use to improve patient care. Since these systems were integrated, hospitals have been able to build on the foundation, giving workers the ability to use a number of devices on their networks with ease while enjoying the benefits that patient videoconferencing can provide in rural areas.

As a result, business owners in the Chicago metropolitan area may be considering making an investment in a VoIP phone service with the help of an experienced provider, such as Root Consulting, Inc. With more than 10 years in the business and a wide selection of top Avaya and Nortel equipment, business owners can ensure their transition is smooth with the help of our experts.

Finding the right Chicago phone system for your business
Communication is the key to any successful business, regardless of its location or size. As a result, Chicago-based business owners want to ensure that when they make the switch to VoIP systems that they are given the benefit of phone systems whose features will work in concert with their employees’ existing tasks, and allow them to quickly and easily get up to speed with the devices.

At Root Consulting, our Allworx phone systems provide an intuitive management interface that can allow workers to navigate multiple tasks without incurring annual maintenance fees. Similarly, our feature-rich NEC phones come with larger screens and a number of advanced features that allow it to handle both digital and VoIP phone systems with no annual maintenance cost. As a result, depending on the business, each phone or system may be a better fit for certain clients.

Purchasing the right Chicago phone system the first time
While business owners may not understand the differences between the advanced features offered by both phones, at Root Consulting, our team of experts understands the nuances of these finer details. This gives our experts the ability to tailor our suggestions to area business owners looking for a Chicago phone system that will best fit with their existing internet networks and employee habits.

Due to this advantage, business owners who seek our expert services can rest assured that the phone system they purchase will not only require fewer upgrades and repairs, but also provide the best service from day one.

Why Root Consulting is the first choice in Chicago phone systems
At Root Consulting, we provide high-quality Chicago phone systems, and offer many of the products that business owners can use to establish an infrastructure that allows this investment to work at peak efficiency. For example, we provide consultation on and access to computer and internet staples as well as many levels of cabling, including CAT5, 25 Pair and Fiber.

In addition, we also offer services that ensure our business will be a valuable partner for years. At Root Consulting, our experts tackled tasks such as installing and delivering phone and internet services for carriers, and performed services as varied as the design of conference rooms and the installation of Chicago phone systems in break rooms and auditorium, which ensures businesses have the tools they need to succeed at every level of their communication system.

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