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With more than 250,000 businesses servicing the Chicago area according to 2007 U.S. Census data, company owners, managers and decision makers need to ensure that they are able to set their services apart from those in the surrounding area, no matter their industry. For example, research conducted in 2011 found that consumers are willing to spend up to 13 percent more with companies that they believe have treated their questions and concerns with the utmost professionalism. The most interesting part about the survey, however, was that it found the number of Americans who valued customer service had increased by 4 percent from the previous year’s study.

One way to improve this essential service is for area businesses to invest in technology that can improve their ability to contact customers and clients by reducing response times, providing quicker follow ups to voicemails and a more nuanced answering service system. However, the good news for businesses is that all of these services can be improved with the help of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony and digital phone services, forward-thinking business solutions that allow business owners to increase their employees’ efficiency while reducing costs.

At Root Consulting, we provide the high quality data cabling, horizontal cabling and network cabling services that Chicago businesses need to ensure that these high-tech phone systems are operating at peak efficiency. However, since no two cabling jobs are alike, we specialize in a number of services that help a business revitalize its communications structure for the 21st century.

Securing varied structured cabling solutions with Root Consulting
At Root Consulting, we use time-tested methods of ensuring that our products are always up to par with government and state regulations. As such, business owners can be confident that any cabling installed by our technicians will be certified and tested with Fluke Level III Tester, which ensures that installations meet TIA/ISO performance standards. To ensure client satisfaction, we also communicate this information, providing our customers with the tools to evaluate our services.

Securing structured cabling solutions from Root Consulting Certified Technicians
In addition to installing cabling for a business, Root Consulting’s OSHA-certified and TWIC-certified technicians can also provide other services that may help a company make the right technology investments. For instance, our professionals are able to travel to a new facility for our clients so that we can test and verify the quality of the data cabling already installed in the building.

Those who are the victim of a poor cabling job can also count on Root Consulting’s Certified Technicians for our ability to repair and salvage existing cabling systems. By giving your business a professional assessment of where your business’ current cabling system falls short, you gain the knowledge and information you need to make the best investments for your business and its vital communication lines.

Root Consulting, providing network cabling services to the greater Chicago area
Supporting the greater Chicago area from our Hinsdale offices, our representatives can be almost anywhere in Chicago in less than an hour. This includes Will County, Cook County and King County, and as a result, businesses in these areas can be confident that will be able to meet their cabling needs with quick, professional emergency response.

As a result, Chicago area businesses that are looking for the structured cabling solutions that can help them take their company’s processes to the next level need look no further than Root Consulting. With more than 15 years of experience providing CAT 6 cabling, CAT 5e cabling, 50 pair plenum cabling and non plenum cabling, Root Consulting has the skills to meet any business owners needs.

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