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Superior communications can be the backbone of a Texas business, allowing company representatives and workers in the Lone Star State to exude customer service, create established loyalty and manage their internal tasks effectively. However, despite the need for effective communications, many Texas business owners fail to invest in new forms of technology that could help a business reach its monthly and yearly goals with a greater efficiency. One such technology that many local business owners could benefit from acquiring is voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems.

Recent surveys show that U.S. businesses are becoming increasingly aware of how these complex phone systems that combine voice and data can be used to improve their existing processes. For example, while research indicated only 12 percent of the 90 percent of business decision makers that were aware of VoIP systems were using these platforms in 2005, this number has since expanded. Data from 2012 indicates that as much as 40 percent of U.S. business are already using these systems.

However, to integrate these systems into their daily operations, business owners often need to invest in quality phone systems and cabling. With so many options to chose from, even in the Texas area, it can be hard for area business owners to know which provider to select or what traits to look for. At Root Consulting, Inc., we’ve specialized in providing top-level equipment to the greater Houston area for the past 10 years, and as such, can help business owners meet their goals by providing cost benefits through the best telephone systems on the market.

The cost benefits of installing Houston phone systems with proper cabling
According to industry research, VoIP systems can reduce the overall costs of a Texas business’ IP communications by as much as 40 percent. In addition, while the long-term savings are often discussed, in today’s economy many area business owners worry about the upfront costs that could potentially cause short-term problems for their business.

However, at Root Consulting, we understand this concern, and as such, we offer affordable leasing and financing options that can allow business owners to achieve their communications goals with the latest hardware. By connecting businesses with third-party providers that can offer this financing, we can reduce your upfront cost to an affordable monthly payment that allows your business to compete and prosper.

The benefits of Allworx and NEC telephone systems
Allworx telephone systems offer flexibility to small and mid-sized business owners, allowing administrators to effortlessly manage user and system settings from any PC on a LAN network or from a remote location of their choosing. Due to their user-friendly features and innovative prompts, these systems may be the right choice for some owners.

However, in some cases, an NEC server may be able to help a business generate more revenue and reduce their costs. At Root Consulting, our professionals understand the nuances of these systems, and after a review, can recommend the best products that can meet your needs.

Working with the top Houston business phone systems provider
At Root Consulting, we take the time to review each of our clients’ needs to determine the current processes at your business and were the company is headed. By taking this often overlooked step, we can ensure that we install the Houston business phone systems suited to your needs the first time, which prevents area businesses from outgrowing a system or needing to install a new one down the road.

With hundreds of phone system customers in the Kingwood, Spring, the Woodlands, Clear Lake, Galveston and Katy, Texas, our business has demonstrated the ability to not simply install and implement these systems but to also forge long-lasting relationships with our clients that include the subsequent maintenance of the system.

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