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Avoid Computer and Network Problems with Managed IT Services

The performance of your business can be directly related to the performance of your computer systems and their networks. If your computers are running slowly or you are experiencing a network bottleneck, your operations can crawl to a standstill. Fortunately, you can have the high performance and reliability of a large corporation’s network, despite a limited or nonexistent IT department. The solution is Root’s managed IT services.

Keep Your Computers Running Efficiently

There are few frustrations greater than a computer that is suddenly running slowly. As computers age, they become loaded with bloat and other problems that can impact its performance. With managed IT services from Root, your computer enjoys preventative maintenance to keep this from happening. In addition, your system is scanned regularly for viruses and malware, and any offending files are removed. You can even take advantage of our Help Desk support to work through any technical problems you may be experiencing and get back to work.

Protect and Access Data on Your Servers

You store lots of sensitive information on your company’s servers, but they need to be kept secure. Managed IT from Root will monitor your servers for any breach or vulnerabilities. If any are found, patches are released as quickly as possible to keep it secure, and maintenance is performed regularly to keep your servers from being bogged down.

Avoid Problems with Your Network

With Root’s managed IT services, your network components are monitored and maintained on a regular basis. This helps you keep your network running at a maximum performance, so that your business continues uninterrupted. This helps you avoid network downtimes that can cripple a business day.

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