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Since its introduction to the business community, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems have allowed many of the owners, decision makers and managers at companies around the country to reduce the cost of their communication systems while improving the flexibility these tools offer employees, and by extension, clients and customers.

For example, by 2007, studies indicated that nearly one in five business owners were using VoIP systems. Now, more than half of all businesses are powered by phone systems that allow their employees to access voicemail on-the-go, telecommute to work and access project data no matter where they are performing essential work tasks. As a result, it’s no surprise that many business owners are seeking to realize these benefits for their employees.

And with more than 500,000 private businesses in Texas, according to 2009 U.S. Census data, many businesses in the Lone Star state are likely already adapting to this changing climate. However, Texas business owners that want to keep pace with the competition, but who have not yet invested in high-quality phone systems, may not know where to turn with the number of new options available to them.

With the help of an experienced provider such as Root Consulting, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston businesses can ensure their needs are managed every step of the way during the VoIP installation process. This means that businesses can rely on our professionals from the installation of the cabling that can improve the quality of these systems to the purchasing, troubleshooting and repair of this complex equipment.

Finding the right Houston phone system
Businesses in Texas that are looking for the right phone system can benefit from the services of a dedicated provider of implemented VoIP solutions such as Root Consulting. At Root Consulting, our representatives have the ability to properly assess a business’ needs using our unique combination of industry experience and technical know-how, as we have personally installed more than 5,000 phone systems in the last five years alone.

As a result of this training, our phone systems are designed and installed to help business owners plan for the future, as through an analyzation of the company’s existing resources and long-term goals, we can provide the right products that allow these professionals the ability to grow while leveraging systems that can expand accordingly – even through a business’ relocation.

Budgeting for a high-quality Houston phone system
Unlike hosted solutions, which provide phone systems on an escalating cost structure, implemented systems, such as the high-quality offerings from Root Consulting, allow employers to enjoy fixed costs throughout their ownership. For example, businesses that have worked with hosted solutions in the past have needed to replace all of their company’s headphones simply due to switches made by these companies, creating an unforeseen drain on resources and budgets.

However, with the Houston phone systems provided by Root Consulting, businesses don’t need to worry about these added costs. Our systems are provided with a fixed cost that allow businesses to realize savings after the transition and for years to come.

The advantages of partnering with Root Consulting
As the top provider of telephone systems for small businesses in Texas, Root Consulting offers a degree of flexibility and service that is unmatched by our competitors. With financing and leasing offers that allow business owners to purchase cost-effective solutions and high-quality phones phones from major names such as Allworx and NEC, our company has the tools it takes to form a lasting partnership with companies in Houston, Dallas and the surrounding areas.

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