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Remove the Headaches from Relocation with Root

Regardless of how far you have to move your office, a relocation can be a major source of stress for your business. It interrupts your workflow, and it can take a long time to get your new office up and running at peak performance.

However, Root will handle your relocation from beginning to end, turning the moving process into a fast and efficient procedure.

Thorough Organization

One of the biggest hurdles in relocating your business is keeping everything organized. To eliminate confusion over where equipment needs to go and who it belongs to, Root keeps all equipment properly labeled and packaged so that it will be easier to unpack in the new office.

Disconnection and Transportation

Root’s technicians will properly disconnect your wires and cables and move all the equipment to the new office. This ensures an efficient move with little wasted time.


Once your equipment arrives at the new office, Root’s technicians will properly unpack all your peripherals and connect them for you. This eliminates the confusion that results from employees trying to determine where the equipment needs to go and how to set it up.

By having Root take care of your office move, you can reduce the amount of downtime that results from a relocation. This helps you return to business as quickly as possible.

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