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Root can handle your Multimedia Needs

av2Whether it is as simple as an intercom system to communicate with your building, or a fully-featured conference room for multimedia presentations, Root takes care of your audio/visual needs with quality products, impeccable service, and efficient installation.


Clear, Quality Speaker Systems

If you need to make announcements to your team, or you want to provide music to the building, a good speaker system is a must. With Root, you can have high quality speaker systems installed throughout your building, with all wiring and cabling installed professionally and without distraction.

Manage Your System in a Variety of Ways

When it comes to playing content on your speaker system, or making announcements, there are a variety of different ways you can manage it. Some installations will offer a “control center” of sorts, where you can make changes as you wish. Some offer sleeker options, like a remote control system, or managing your system with your iPod.

Crisp, Professional Multimedia Displays

If you are installing a center for multimedia presentations, then the centerpiece of your installation needs to be a high-quality display. Depending on the size of the area and your needs, you have options. A smaller area may simply need a sharp flat-panel plasma television display, but larger venues or areas can take advantage of projection systems to enlarge your presentation to everyone who needs to see it.

Regardless of your audio/visual needs, Root can handle it for you. Contact us today for assistance!

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